Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So it's only the fourth of October and I am almost out of money, how depressing.

If I count half of my co-op order that is scheduled to arrive tomorrow I'll have even less money to work with. Ugh!!!

How discouraging. I'm feeling defeated already, this shouldn't be this early in the game. So should I give up? Continue on? Go find a j-o-b so we can continue eating this way- okay no? I just don't know.

We could still go with out going over budget sure, but we'd have to learn to eat oatmeal, and eat soup at least once a day maybe more. Snacks everyday would be popcorn and raisins.

So really it boils down to the fact that we are spoiled!! Lots of people in the world would be very happy with that.

Okay so that was how I was feeling yesterday. But today is a new day and I WILL keep plugging along. I may fail but at least I didn't give up.

So today was co-op delivery day. Thanks Aunt Jacque for helping me yet again, you are so sweet!!

We got another case of rice noodles, 1 lb of pink salt, 1 lb of cinnamon, 1 lb of fiesta chili powder, 1 lb of pepper corns, 88 oz. of oil olive, and 16 pints of orange rice dream (dairy free ice cream;-) I thought I ordered vanilla ice cream but thankfully they love the orange flavor. It tastes like a push up.

So another $59 for that. (Half of my total because we order every eight weeks.)

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