Monday, October 11, 2010

Birds and the Bees: an Intro

Look at that not so stylish bunch- aren't they cute?
The actual fish ladder that the fish jump up.

So today we ventured to the Fish Ladder to watch the salmon jump. Before we left we read about salmon and spawning in the encyclopedia. Words like eggs, males, females, fertilize and sperm were used. Lula even asked if the boy and girl fish are like mom and dad and always find each other, so monogamous was even used.

You think they are too young?? Ha, these kids have some ideas and questions sometimes.

"Wow God gave Aunt Michelle a baby really quick after they got married! You (me) had to wait a few years before he gave you one." Lula

"Our babies come every two years. I wonder what the next one will be. We're going to need a bigger car." Racky

"Mom you probably saw the baby first because you probably heard her crying." (Like I had been sleeping or something when she "appeared".) Puddin'

See, their little brains are full of ideas and one of these days I'm going to have to let them know how and why.

It was great fun had by all.

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