Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So I was checking our Craigslist the other day and searched "organic". There was an ad for organic apples, $2 for a five gallon bucket and $3 for a large bag.

Sounds good to me! So the kidlets and I took a 45 minute road trip to pick us some apples. 8 five gallon buckets and one bag later we have lots of apples.
I paid $20 bucks because I didn't have correct change but still that is a good deal. I'm guessing its 5 plus bushels. One five gallon bucket had a 1/2 bushel basket heaping full.

They do have some spots and are small but they can easily be turned into lots and lots of applesauce. Seriously for the price could throw a fourth of them away and still have it be an awesome deal.

Also the kids got to learn how to pick apples. They did really well. We only spent about a 1 hour and 15 minutes and that's with all the kids along.

Okay she really has nothing to do with apples, but look how big she is getting. Last week she pulled herself up on a chair to the standing position. Really baby girl please slow down and be a baby a little while longer.

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