Friday, October 1, 2010

Meijer and the orchard

First stop the orchard. $6 for half a bushel.
Then Meijer. $73. I left with $7 off for my next trip. It did cost a little more that I hoped. The Capri Sun %100 Juice were not on sale but I had already told the kids so I caved and bought them anyways. The did produce the $2 cat fortunately.
Boxed wine is the cheapest way to drink wine unless your three old lets it pour all over the floor!!!
Meijer had a 50 cents off one frozen veggie coupon so I bought 18. I would have bought more but this was all they had in the freezer. 50 cents a bag is cheap way to eat veggies.
The crackers were 67 cents a piece after coupons and catalina. I don't normally buy them unless they get me $10 off Hanes products or something like that but this could be a long month. Shh, don't tell the hubby, he does NOT like the kids eating those things.
Well I'm off the make tortilla's for individual pizza's tonight. More shopping tomorrow!!!

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