Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4 Pantry Challenge It's OVER

So this week we spent $72.  That makes the month total $377. Yea haw!!  I'm thrilled with the results.  We haven't spent so little on groceries for a month in years.  

While I didn't quite accomplish all my goals we did a lot of them.  I canned grapefruits, 20 pints I believe.  I used up a good portion of our canned butter and this week bought enough to replace it but still have to get it into the jars- sigh.   I canned 14 pints, 14 pints is 14 pounds, of chicken breast that had been in my freezer since the end of August.  Having this done will mean a few quick and easy lunches, chicken enchilada dip, chicken salad, bbq chicken- well you get the idea.  I also got one full meal in the freezer which is about 4 or 5 shy of what I wanted but the canned chicken makes up for that.

I didn't make applesauce as I had hoped but the orchard will have apples for a few more month so hopefully this month we can make some.  Even if I had bought apples I'd would have still been under budget.   

As for the money saved, I spent it already-sigh.  I mailed out checks for the remaining 4 seminars that I need to keep my dental hygiene licence up date.  I'm kind of mad scrambling to get that done before #6 enters the world:-)  Well at least having to do that didn't cramp our style at all.

I'm going to shoot for $500 for the short month of February.  This is completely doable as our freezers are still loaded. 

Thanks to Jessica at good(cheap)eats for the challenge. 

Here's what we bought this week. 
Aldi $21 and Costco $36

"Take a picture of me and the food"
"Rice krispie treat" without the rice krispies, using up a cereal that no one would touch:-)

Not pictured, 6 four packs of YoBaby yogurts $6. And 3 loaves of bread $12.


Sharon said...

Look at you! Way to go!!! You did awesome and even got more food stocked up. I think you more than met your goal! :)

April said...

I need to learn about canning butter. I have never heard of that. I had to buy it every week during the challenge. I have frozen it, but never canned. How long does it last?

Esther said...

My butter was 2 plus years old and was fine. Google canning butter, there is lots of videos out there.

Harriet said...

I want to start canning. Hubby and I talked about it tonight. We live about 6 miles from a large farm that sells strawberries and tomatoes in large order! But, I did not know you could an chicken. Thanks for your posts and may #6 be as much a blessing as all the others!

MamaHen said...

Looks like you did great!