Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sweet Baby Legs

So she made me do it. Okay not really but she brought them up and I just had to have some.
1. First get some crazy cute clearanced socks.
2. Then watch a youtube video or two on how to make babylegs.
3. Spend five minutes on the sewing machine.
4. Stick them on the cutest baby you know and simply gush about how cute they are.
After: Okay you can have them match but I made two pairs and simply could not choose which ones she needed to model first.
Need a little justification?
Help keep baby's legs warm:-)
Give baby's sweet knees protection from the hard floor.
They will fit over pants and socks to keep little legs from peaking out when baby is outside.
Sorry that's all I got but they are just so sweet you really shouldn't need any more reasons.
Here they are in action!

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