Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The School Routine

Well we start school again in just a few short hours. This year will be much liked the last. We still only have 3 students, Lettie still has a few years before she joins the school time fun, hallelujah!!

What I hope will be different this year is how we manage our time. Before they never set their alarms and we started whenever. This is great about homeschooling especially after you just had a baby. I didn't mind just as long as we got done with school by noon. Well if mister sleepy head slept till nine and still had to eat breakfast and frog around I was barking orders like crazy to get done with school with everyone by noon.

Then by the time noon came the house is trashed and everyone is scared of mom. Okay not really scared but we could stand a little break from one another.

So here is our morning plan of action.

7:30 everyone up, dressed, clean laundry put away and bedrooms cleaned. We are starting a competitions between the boys room and the girls room. The boys won yesterday so we shall see how today goes.

8:00 breakfast

8:30 chore time

Master bath and living room -Lula
Dining room and back bath -Racky
Kitchen -Mom
TV room and basement bath -Puddin'

9:00-12:00 School with a few minute break in there.

When showing Puddin' how to clean the bathroom yesterday he says, "you're making us do all your work aren't ya mom?" Kids! I tell ya!!! I proceed to tell him I still do all of the laundry, cook, take care of the baby, clean the kitchen, and the floors, yard work...."but we still have to do your work. Right mom?" Whatever, cotton pickin' kid! :-)

Well hopefully my brilliant schedule makes for smooth sailing. Happy schooling to you all!!!

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Sharon said...

So much fun getting back into the routine of things...NOT! We are still struggling to get on a schedule over here. Makes it hard when the baby demands so much time. :)