Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Menu

So here is the menu for October. I briefly scanned the food in the freezer down stairs and there are a few thing we need to use up before we get another part of a cow, steaks!
I try to write our a menu monthly. It really doesn't take to long and saves me a lot of staring into the fridge around dinner time wonder what to make.
You should be able to click on it to make it larger. Please do notice the liver and onions:-) The hubby doesn't believe that it is fit for human consumption. The rest of us gladly gobble it down with a little ketchup.
The top has list of a few things I will need to buy. And the bottom is some ideas for food for the freezer.
Now I'm off to make the master grocery shopping list.


Deurloo Do-ings! said...

what is "shipwrecked"

Esther said...

Shipwreck is sliced potatoes, veggies and hamburger casserole. Isaac's family always called it that, I have no idea why but it stuck so we now call it that!