Monday, September 13, 2010


My latest run to Meijer.

12 frozen OJ
8 Ziploc storage bags
5 bags of Broccoli
1 RedHot Sauce
1 Chocolate bar
40 CHUNKS OF CHEESE!!! Total spent $31.59. I also have $10 in catalina's. So like spending $21.59. According to my receipt I saved $130.01?!!?!! Who would spend $160 on that??

The OJ's were a splurge, 75 cents a piece. Frozen veggies 50 cents, cheese is 17 cents after catalina's.
And if you don't eat cheese like this little lady you can just play with it.

Yes it is slightly excessive so I won't tell you about the 60 other cheeses I bought the other day;-)


Tracy said...

I love the pic of Lula with the cheese she just has the biggest smile and she looks gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Awesome deals!! I still can't believe you got that much cheese! :)