Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CVS to the Rescue!

One cure for the urge to shop is well, to shop! Crystal posted yesterday that these cotton swabs were on clearance for $2.99 and that they were still generating 2 ECB's each. Well this morning I noticed we were down to our last four q-tips so that the perfect excuse to make a CVS run. Well when I got to the check out with three of them I asked how much they were ringing up at, $2.49 so I ran back a grabbed a fourth one. The toothpaste was on sale for $1.99 and generating 1 ECB. So I got 4 twin packs of q-tips (that's 4000 q-tips) and one toothpaste for:

.26 cents OOP (out of pocket) yippee!

I used one $2/$10 CVS coupon and one .75 coupon off the toothpaste and 9 ECB. And I left there with another 9 ECB for next time. I'm loving this CVS thing my two transactions before this were .85 and .47 cents. Gotta love it.

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Sharon said...

I can not believe that! I hope it works for me tomorrow!