Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finished, well kind of!

The girls room is complete, for now. I want to paint the furniture but that is going to have to wait until it is warm enough to cart it outside and paint it in the front yard. The color looks much better with the little accents to tone it down. And Lula is happy so all is good.

My favorite "home show", as we call them, is Decorating Cents were they redo a room for under five hundred dollars. The hubby constantly mocks it, "what let me guess they found that awesome piece of furniture on the side of the road". These types of comments always comes up when it is on. So I thought I'd give the break down on the cost.

Furniture- headboard, dresser with mirror, tall dresser and night stand $150.00
Paint- 2 gallon, 1 gallon of primer and extras $75.00
Flower Wallies- $10.00
Curtains- $2.00 each so $4.00
Curtain rods- $4.00
Lamp- $3.00
Bedding- $60.00
Little white jewelry holder- free for great grandma
Art- free (we've had it for over 8 years)
Pink cowboy booties- free a gift
Flowers- free (they are from a wedding I was in 7 years ago, they are in a mason jar with some marbles)
Even Lu2 crib was free.

So a total of $306.00 not to bad to furnish a whole room. Throw in another $50 to paint the furniture and I'm still under budget!


Sharon said...

I LOVE the little wallies! Those turned out so cute. Also love the valances and lamp that you got. :)

Do you know what color you are going to paint the bedroom set?

Esther said...

I would paint the furniture white with silver accents.

Tracy said...

It looks good I love the wallies they are so adorable. I really like the paint color it looks so different in person. I'm glad Lula likes it! Isn't it great when you can redo a room cheap. I got creative with Romans room and redid his fairly cheap as well. I really need to do the boys room next just not sure what yet.

Sarah said...

Very cute! Maybe you'll inspire me to do some painting. We don't have cable anymore and I sure do miss the decorating shows.