Friday, January 11, 2008

Ramdom Rambling

I try not be a huge hoarder that has twelve backups of everything just in case. As I wash at least 8 but more like 10 loads of bedding today- three kids with the flu- enough said. I really don't think more would help. Yes I have changed my minded about getting rid of the two spare comforters, they are staying! But I don't think having extra mattresses pad covers and ten sets of sheets would help. I still have to wash what was dirtied so why not wash and put it right back on the bed. Don't get me wrong we have an extra set of sheets for almost all the beds but we don't have extra mattress pads and pillows packed in the closets. We make due in these rare events where EVERY bed in the house gets vomited on in a four hour time span. At least I don't have to go to the well to get the water, boil it, stir and line dry a house full of bedding. Thanks be for waterproof mattress pads they are sooooooooo worth the investment!


Sharon said...

You poor thing. Hopefully you're feeling better today? I feel so bad for Lula having to get sick yesterday. Hope she had a fun day despite the sickness!

Tracy said...

Poor Lula on her birthday getting sick. I hope the day goes better for you! I will pray the littles get over this flu fast and no one else gets it!