Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm having a "I just want to go spend a bunch of money" monent! Human nature, you always want what you can not have.

Hubby was having the moment yesterday and he stood strong so I too will endeavor to stay on the straight and narrow, aka budget. Don't get me wrong if you have money and you want to, by all means spend it, preferably on a concrete patio or something else concrete. We need people to spur on the struggling ecomony but it just isn't wise for that somebody to be us. When the reality of another paycut hangs in the balances we need to be wise and content. We need to practice self denial.

Self denial not something I'm into. I'm all about five or ten extra minutes in bed. Another piece of chocolate. And having a deaf ear to the total in the checkbook while I wander Target aimlessly.

Dear Lord please be merciful and patient as I learn to be content with whatsoever lot I am in.

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Sharon said...

You are too funny! I am having so much fun with these CVS and Rite Aid rebate things that I haven't been tempted to buy too much other stuff.

You know what we could do? Put a link to their work on our blogs. Not that I have a lot of readers or anything, but who knows. Just thought I would see what you thought though since that would kind of give away where we are located.

By the way, good job sticking to the budget. Not always(insert rarely ever or never) fun, but definitely better in the long run!