Saturday, May 31, 2008

You know you homeschool when..

At 7:45 on Saturday morning you seven year old interrupts your shower to show you something.

The encyclopedia!

He's on to the "B" (last week was the "A") and found the baby section. The proceeded to read to me the stages of development for a baby.

"At 18 months she'll be able to feed herself with a spoon. And at 12 months she'll be able to stand be-fly."

It was adorable, he was honestly excited about this information. Oh and just in case you didn't know be-fly is the new briefly.


Sharon said...

That amazes me that he does that. I think that is so cute. Although, I can only begin to imagine all the questions that you are going to get. Maybe he'll find out about those negative numbers all on his own now. :)

Tracy said...

Sounds like Lucas he loves to read. If I don't answer his questions good enough he'll haul out the encyclopedia to find out the answers. We have a kids encyclopedia that he loves to get out and just read must say the learn a lot that way. Wait until he gets to the "S" and reads about S-X....Ah, then the questions really come:)