Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Health Fun Facts!

Osteoporosis is only an issue in countries that eat dairy products.

ADHD is not recognized as a disease in the Netherlands.

30% of insulin regulation is done by your bones.

The intestinal tracts makes up 70% of your immune system.

30-40% of the USA population has a fatty liver, this was unheard of 100 years ago.

Useless the problem of food allergies is addressed a person will most likely never "out grow it", it will just change. Eczema to asthma to chronic inflammation which will leave them a ticking time bomb for a heart attack. And by age 35 quality of life is greatly effected.

In most countries people will have 80% of function until the time of death with a sharp decease at the end. In the USA our health starts to decline in our thirties so quality of life severely compromised.

Diet pop makes you fat.

Cow's milk was created by God for baby COWS!

Have a grand Tuesday!


Sarah said...

Sure it's full of ingredients that are probably slowly killing me but I refuse to believe that my diet coke is making me fat :) The first step is to recognize that you have a problem - right? Now off to get a cold one out of the fridge. I can say I wasn't warned.

Tracy said...

Funny I just read a book on nutrition that said the same thing on diet pop. Basically all the "fake" sugars make you fat. Very interesting facts for sure.