Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cool Treats!

Green smoothies! Yummy! Okay they look a little strange but they really are tasty. These are 3 cups of spinach, half of a banana and some frozen raspberries plus a little water. All you taste is the banana and raspberries. The wine glasses help the timid give it a whirl. Everybody drank it gone. Homemade popsicles! Just 100% juice. Treats for the health food Nazi's. Baby approved!


Sarah said...

Glad to see that I'm not the only one that "sneaks" spinach into our diets. I'm lucky that my kids like it.

I'm going to try this one.

Sarah said...

ok, I just tried this. I didn't add as much spinach and used frozen bananas which makes it very creamy. I also add chocolate protein powder cause everything is better with a little chocolate. It helped cover up the funky green color.

The kids loved them!

Sharon said...

I will have to try that. Ambry will eat spinach in the form of a salad but not really any other way. Maybe she'll like it that way...although it certainly doesn't look very appetizing. :)