Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Imput needed!

Okay my three readers I need your advice. The hubby is having and open house for his work to show off the new "showroom". I offered to help with the food because I love to do that kind of stuff and he kindly took me up on that offer.

Here is the kicker they sent out 500 invitations!!! 500!!!! I was thinking 80 to 100 builder or so not 500!!! Obviously they won't all show but still it is going to be a lot of people. The crowd will be kind of lets say "upper class". People that have concrete counters and acid stained basements and huge stamped patios with big price tags are well usually loaded well off.

So here is the info. The open house is form 12 to 6. It probably shouldn't be little wieners but nothing to crazy and food poisoning inducing as shrimp. I also have to be able to easily refill as needed. I have no way to cook food once I'm there and I have to work out of coolers. So please tell me what would you make.

Here is some ideas
Guacamole (store bought but doctored up a bit) and blue corn chips
Fruit- watermelon, grapes, pineapple and strawberries
Veggies and dip celery, baby carrots, cucumbers and maybe peppers
Hummus and bread sticks
Cheese and crackers
Sweet and sour meatballs (are meatballs to white trashy? I think they are tasty;)
Lemonade and bottled water
Store bought mini pastries

What do you think? I can't think of another good hot dish. And how much do I make? Please advise!!


Tracy said...

Am I one of your three readers..heehee.. ok here's what food ideas I can come up with. I am more than willing to help you if you need help. I think a cheese ball would be great with some "fancy" crackers from costco or something. There are so many variety's of cheese balls it's crazy. Maybe a veggie pizza? I've seen some in cookbooks look pretty fancy. I'll dig through my cookbooks and magazines and see what I can come up with.

Sarah said...

Again, this might be "not as fancy" as you'd like, but what about a taco bar? You could precook the meat and keep it warm either in a crockpot or one of those warming trays with the candle underneath. You could do one shredded chicken and one beef. Gordon Foods carries shredded lettuce, shredded cheese & diced onions. All you would have to do is open the bag and pour into fancy bowls. Cause you know fancy bowls = fancy foods! I would probably just use tortilla chips instead of shells.

I like the idea of finger food. They can walk around with it and not feel like they need to be seated.

I do have a great recipe for veggie pizza if you'd like one.

I'll keep thinking of ideas and let you know if I think of anything.

Remember, men like good food, not fancy food. That's what I've been told anyway :)

Sharon said...

You could rent chafers at Cascade Rental for any heated foods that you would like to set out.

I would put out some sweets too--there are little mini cream puffs at Costco, maybe bake some cookies or some other type of sweet.

If you would like any help, let me know! I am more than willing to chip in or if you need help that day/night with keeping up with food, let me know.