Monday, August 1, 2011

Hiddy-ho there neighbor!

( Kobe Dean and Benna earlier this summer)

So it been a while...sorry I've got no excuse. Unless you take in to consideration that I'm just to lazy to come up with a rousing and lively post for you, my three readers.

We've been eating way to much ice cream and swimming at the pool way too much. (We have cut back because we can't be having us any punk country club kids:-) But really it's been hot and it is so easy to spoil your kids when you have the means to.

I have a to-do list about a country mile long to do but who really wants to paint or the like when it is 90+ degrees out. So this month will be busy.

I'm going to try a food budget again, but really we know how I am this those:-) $300 buck for the next four weeks...we'll see.

Why would I torture my self again? Well August is a huge month in the canning and freezing food world. Apricots, plums, tomatoes, peaches, and pickles are all on the to-do list. When you drop lots of money on fruits and veggies it got to come from somewhere.

Our vacation is coming up and last time I checked that too wasn't free. So we must horde a little money for that.

We also swapped our furniture for a cream colored floral sofa and love seat which means new paint, rug and curtains. Plus we would like to buy a couple of chairs for the living room now.

Tuition payments are due soon and making payments is yuck so must scrounge up some moo la for that too. So that my friends is why I'm torturing my self.

There is always something to spend money on isn't' there? So stay tuned for grocery pictures and living room redo picture and maybe even a few of my kidlets.

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Sharon said...

Good grief, that boy child looks round! :)

Can't wait to see the pics of the living room. If you want help painting let me know.