Thursday, August 25, 2011

Budget Blowing and a Uterus Quiverer

Nuff said. Last Saturday we went to Trader Joes and Whole Foods on a little road trip. Seeings how they don't have a those stores by us you have to stock up:-)

Pretty much everything is treats, lots and lots of treats. Stevia pop, izzi's, tortillas, chips, candy, cereal, sparkling water, and cheap bananas. Ginger snap anyone? The hubby LOVES them he says they are more addictive than crack, not that he's ever done crack, that just what he says. I personally don't like them. Now those tortilla smothered with cream cheese and a few veggies- yum. Our vacation is coming up so we went a little crazy.

They also sell "three buck chuck", aka cheap and tasty wine. Don't fret my pet it's not all ours, we were taking orders. Other people also like the "three buck chuck":-)

Well I'm not counting a dime of it seeing how the money came out of the hubby's wallet:-) I did spend about $50 last week at the butcher shop and the health store. So I'm still on track, hahaha. I do plan on spending about 50 bucks of our vacation stash to grab a few more things like guacamole, brats, cheese and some chocolate otherwise I think we have pretty much everything ready to take with.

And on a totally different note here is Benna in a bucket, can it get much better. I tell her daily that she is so cute that she makes my uterus quiver. Hubby could do with out those kinds of words coming out of my mouth:-) But really she is so stinkin' cute!

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Sharon said...

Thanks for the "three buck chuck"! And, yes, she is quite adorable. :)