Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Target Run- Run to Target ASAP

Target is running a pretty sweet frozen food deal this week. Buy ANY 7 frozen food items get a $5 gift card!! Here is what $23 bucks will buy you.
If you take off the fruit snacks our total would be just under 19 dollars.!! 19 dollars for 42 items. That's an average of 45 cents a piece. Or you can just think of it as taking 71 cents off each item. Veggies 99- 71 = 28 cents!!! OJ 1.19-.71= 38 cents!!! Mini ice creams 99-71= 28 cents!! Fruit bars 1.99- 71= 1.38!!! Old orchard juice 99-71= 28 cents.
This week is the week to buy veggies and juice. The kids are begging for more fruit bars because they are so yummy but we'll see.

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