Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gas Prices?!?!

So everyone knows that gas is super expensive right know but how really does it hit home?

Well yesterday was run around town day. I filled up at 9:00 to the tune of $75- ouch!

By 3:45 I had drove 65 miles. I picked up the SIL and went to two Target stores, the "meat" store, the discount bread store, dropped off SIL, home, to school to pick up kids, to the discount food store, the bank, post office, back to school to pay for volleyball camp for Lula then home again jiggidy jog.

Well our 12 year old paid for mini that we love and adore because she is paid for, get 15 miles to the gallon city and 17 miles to the gallon highway. Yes I know that is awful but remember she is paid for and very cheap to insure for so we deal with it.

So my 33 dollars spent isn't the actual cost if I add gas it cost me an additional 13 bucks, so much for being frugal. Do you know how much food I could buy with 13 dollars -ugh?

So for the next week or two I am declaring 3 mandatory stay at home days. Mon., Tues., and Thurs.

So how much are you spending? How much does that quick run the Meijer really cost you, I know it cost me almost a whole gallon of gas to run there. How about those extra activities that the kids are in?

So here's to being "green" and saying no to the extra trips even if they are good deals.

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