Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hot Dog Men

Step 1) get yourself some hot dogs, try not to gag! Step 2) Make some legs
Step 3) Cut one arm

Step 4) Cut another arm
Step 5) notch out the neck and make a smiley face

Step 6) Boil per package directions, I do 6 to 8 minutes
Step 7) Serve to your kidlets who think you are the most awesome mom in the whole world because you made hot dog men.

Here is an attempt an hug and kisses hot dogs. The "hugs" didn't get sliced all the way through, oops. (Ignore the dirty stove will ya?)
Kind of funny hot dog story.
This summer at my uncles house my aunt and uncle were appalled that the kids had never eaten a hot dog. I said something like "there are millions of kids in this world who have never eaten a hot dog." Well that didn't sit well with them.
"YOUR KIDS LIVE IN AMERICA!" they both barked.
So I guess I was being unpatriotic by not pickling my children's livers serving them hot dogs.
(Don't worry, no livers were pickled in the making of this blog post. The hot dogs are nitrate free:))

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