Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello!!!! Is anybody out there?

Probably NO because I am a terrible blogger!!! Well not much happening here besides the ever growing belly. I'm tired, tired and well tired. Did I happen to mention that I'm tired. No really I can't complain, I haven't been sick at all this whole pregnancy so I'll take tired.

Anyways on to something a little more interesting. THE BUDGET!!!

I'm a number cruncher, always have been. So dust off your cross multiplication skills and enjoys my math!

Hypothetical grocery budget: $100 every 7 days

$100 x 52 trips to store a year = $5200

$110 every 10 days (I had to up the dollar a smidgen because you just gotta when you go longer)

$110 x 36.5 trips to store a year = $4015

That is a savings of $1185 or % 22.8

Okay so I'm convicted to shop less!!!! I hope to alternate between Sunday afternoon and Wednesday grocery shopping. Added bonus I'll only have to take 5 kids grocery shopping once every 20 days, Sunday they will be home with daddy. That will make all parties involved much happier.

Towards the end of the 10 days we'll feast on home canned and dried fruit and frozen veggies. I might even get so organized that I will mark menu calendar with shopping days and plan meals accordingly. Ex. tacos with all the fresh veggies goes on day 3 and spaghetti out of a jar goes on day 9. I already write out a monthly menu so this really shouldn't be that hard.

As for the dollar amount I haven't decided what to do yet. So that is to be continued....

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Sharon said...

Sounds good to me! Now if only I could do as good as you with the menu. I think it is about time what with the budget to do the same and have at least a weekly menu. I usually wing it. :)

Let us know what you come up with on the budget end of it. I love looking at how you come up with ways to make it stretch.