Sunday, November 15, 2009


Lula and I are reading On the Banks of Plum Creek. In this book Laura talks about being tired of eating only meat and bread because they had no garden. So give me a good smack when I whine about how worthless Meijers is, they have produce, and oh how I love it.

Round 1: cost $3.66, gave me 14 $2 Catalina's a profit of $24!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Round 2: got 2 more $2 Catalina's. Cost $13.07 after using 15 Catalina's. And yes they made me do 16 different transactions. At least the girl in line behind me was nice because it took a while. I actually put one cat in before it scanned so I lost one but it was about the 13th transaction and didn't really care about the 2 bucks right then and there.

So we feast once again! The cookies are a peace offering to the hubby, they cost $4.49 !!!!! This man is so easy to please but don't mess with his Sunday afternoon tuna fish sandwich, which I did, oops. We were out of lettuce and tomato today at lunch, a crime in the tuna fish sandwich world:D

Grand total of $16.73 bring us to $442.16 for the month so far.


Tracy said...

I've got more of that "crap" butter than I know what to do with but you can't pass up making $2 on each one. So what are you doing with all yours?

Esther said...

My mom is picking it up on Thursday and will give it out at her work to those who want it or she will drop it off at her churches food pantry.