Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Like water I tell ya!

It just keeps slipping through my fingers, money that is.

Last night one more stop at Family Fare acquired us 3 more pineapples, 3 more spices and 2 more grape juices. $7.16

Today: six transactions at Meijer got us six laundry detergents. $11.46 out of pocket plus I have 3 off my next purchase for next time. It come out to less than 5 cents a load.

Then we have the co-op that comes every eight weeks. My total was $157.24, half which I will count in this months total.

24 -1 lb. bags of brown rice pasta
25 lbs of sucanat (if you click on the photo of the Sucanat you'll see that it is brown, the bag ripped, makes you wonder how they get white sugar white.)
organic gummy worms, free of dyes and chemicals
organic root beer barrels
30 fruit leathers
1 lb of organic cinnamon

That brings our total to $264.26. (day 9)

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Ouch! At least you looked like you should be stocked up for a while on things.

The girls and I went to the Love Store tonight. Got some great books--Harby Boys, Laura Ingalls, American Girl--but left still managed to spend $12.00! Yikes!

Amazing and so depressing how fast it goes!