Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grapefruit Time!

Well today was rainy so a perfect day to do a "little" canning. Family Fare has 5 lbs. bags of grapefruit on sale for $2.50 so I bought 2. So these sweet little jars after lids can out to be about .55 cents a jar. Hubby did have one of the grapefruits in his lunch today so I might have gotten 1 more jar out of the bunch. I used a very very lite sucanat syrup with the grapefruit juice itself.

If you buy these at Costco they are $1.06 a piece, but they do throw in some corn syrup and preservatives for good measure:D I don't buy them for all these reasons but like the concept.

They were quite time consuming, it took me about an hour to peel and cut 10 pounds worth. This was while doing math with Racky so I guess not to bad but the jars are small. They will be perfect to toss into the hubby's lunches when the refrigerator is barren waste land. All in all I may do another #10 but I'll ask the hubby to try these out first and tell me what he thinks.

If you like to eat grapefruit I found an awesome video on grapefruit peeling here.
This is part of Kimi's Pennywise Platter Thursday.


Kimi @ the Nourishing Gourmet said...

Wow! I never thought to can grapefruit before. I bet it would be nice to have on hand for lunches, though. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Sharon said...

Seriously inspiring! How did the hubby like them?