Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kalahari 2011

The last few years we have been able to take advantage of Kalahari's BOGO free night.  Well this year we took full advantage and stayed 4 nights!  Fun for all.   We were upgraded to a stellar suite instead of our one room we were planning on.  Can you say full size kitchen and two separated bedrooms- yeah!  Thanks to Tara and Josh, who came too, for getting us upgraded, I guess it never hurts to ask.

(I just looked it up, for the room we had for four nights with the number of wrist bands for our family would need would normally cost $1519.00- ouch!!!) 
 Love these guys. 
 Lettie LOVED the wave pool, she spent a huge amount of her time in there. 
 My boys.  I know they're fat, must be all that butter:-)
 These two were inseparable. 

 Benna soaking it all in. 
I did a whole lot of this, it was great.

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Sharon said...

Yeah, pics! So glad we were able to go again this year! Had such a blast. Lord willing, we will be able to go again next year. :)