Saturday, October 29, 2011

Would you like some bread with your butter?

Here is my very unscientific explanation on why you need to eat fat and why it won't make you fat in return.

1- fat makes you full and satisfied.

Ever try to eat a whole full fat cheese cake? You don't even want to do you? A sliver is all you need or want. One sliver of New York cheesecake is 350 cal. and 24 grams of fat and 26 grams carbs. Now, ever try to eat a large Oreo blizzard, 980 cal. and 36 grams of fat and 145 grams of carbs, 109 of sugar? Yup, it goes down pretty easy. Now I know the blizzard has more fat but when you compare the fat to carb ratio is is crazy low in fat. All that sugar keeps you shoveling it in.

2- fats make you happy.

My second child was VERY sensitive to everything. She never slept until we started to feed her olives. We did a rotation diet for years so we became quite good and figuring out what food did what. On olive day she slept- aahh. A full, non sleep deprived child is a sweet child. Olives became an everyday food.

90 % of the human brain is made of fats, if growing brains don't get enough REAL fats they get crabby. Serve butter on everything!!! By pass all low fat dairy products. Skim milk on a bowl of fruit loops will make kids so hungry and crabby in two hours you'll have to send them off to school because you won't be able to stand them. Also don't trim the fat or the skin on your food. If you are buying grass fed animals they have healthy fats.

Ever notice how "dieters" are know for being crabby? Everyone would rather have a fat mom than a crabby mom. Sure eat a salad but please skip the low fat salad dressing. Pour some olive oil on there or some sliced olives or avocado or hard boiled eggs. You won't want to chew your arm off in an hour or your kids head off.

3- your food will taste better.

You know everything tastes better swimming in butter or covered with gravy or cream. Nuff said.

4- fats slow carb digestion.

Popcorn, potatoes, bread all NEED fat to slow the carb digestion so your blood sugars don't spike. A diet coke and air popped popcorn with no fat is a recipe for diabetes. If this is your afternoon snack you will eat any and everything not tied down while making dinner. Unless you have super human self-control, which I do not possess.

5- because this is how our great grandparents ate, hey I told you this wasn't going to be very scientific, and only a very small percentage of them took medications or graced the inside of a hospital. I heard half of the ALL population is on a prescription- HALF.

6- I don't know about you but if I eat a sugary dessert or something I have this strangely intense hunger the next day for the whole stinking day- feed me!!! If I keep it real and don't eat junk at night I can go the next day as normal. No caffeine is needed to mask the low energy levels because of the sugar roller coaster from the day before. I just feel normal, strange I know. Sure I get tried but I nothing a good lunch and an afternoon nap can't fix:-) Hey I am pregnant, I'm allowed naps!
7- it aids in vitamin absorption- make those carrots backstroke through that butter!

I know there are lots of scientific reasons to eat fat you'll have to go elsewhere for those. I just know it's yummy and so far my kids and hubby are far from fat. Me, well I blame my weight woes on the 5 kids and the one baking:-)

(Yes fat has lots of calories but you won't want to eat as much because your blood sugar levels will be more normal. After lots of carbs your sugar levels spike then proceed to crash causing you to want to eat again to lift sugar levels back up, ever try to walk way from the dessert table once you've started. Fats slow and level blood sugar levels.)

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