Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Organized Sports Rant

I was talking with someone today about my kids and he chimes in with "if they play any sports that could really make things messy."

I told him we probably don't need to worry about that:-)

Yes, so far none of our kids are athletic. No one is overly competitive.

So it hasn't really been an issue. Racky did take karate for a year or so but it was a complete waste of his and my time.

Organized sports for kids is relatively new. None of my grand parents played on a tee ball team, took dance class or played basketball on a team. Guess what they turned out just fine, great actually. They were well rounded individuals, imagine that.

Kids used to be the kids. Adults ruled the world not the other way around. Kids schedules were made to work around the parents not vise versa.

Yes, kids played games with other kids but it didn't cost the family money, wear and tear on vehicles or their sanity by trying to juggle it all. Mom didn't have to get a job to pay for gas and uniforms, sign up fees and pizza on the fly.

If kids needed fresh air they were sent outside to play. Yes, play, like use their noggin and come up with something to do all by themselves. No "coach" guiding them so they don't have to think for themselves. No false reassurance, telling them great job even though they stink at a particular thing.

Here are my rebuttals against the reasoning's behind sports.

"He just needs to go, go, go." AKA my kid drives me nuts get him out of here.

People that "can't" stand to be home need to learn contentment, especially girls as we are called to be keepers of the home, hard to do if you "have" to go, go, go. Give him more work to do, channel his energy into something worth while.

"I don't want him to miss an opportunities."

What to be a ballerina or play in the NBA, okay whatever:-)

"It teaches him sportsmanship."

Play games with him and teach him yourself how to be a good losers and winner.

"It's good exercise."

So is jumping on the tramp or taking a walk or playing a game at home. Playing is also great exercise along with work.

"He needs the social aspect of it, he's a people person."

Great, there are people at home, neighbors across the street and strangers in the store let him talk there. Talking with a wide variety of ages will teach him more about people than a group of his immature peers.

I think its funny how people are willing to accept the fact that a family like the Duggars with their 19 kids don't participate in organized sports. They would never be home so clearly they can't. On the other hand if you choose to say no because you don't buy into all the hype you're mean and depriving your children of a full childhood.

Now don't get me wrong there is nothing sinful about these things. Just this summer two of the kids took a 4 day sports camp. But these activities didn't dictate our lives. Our marriage would be strained if we were gone too much. My hubby and I would hate missing family dinners and devotions as a family. I might be stretched to thin to have time for my hubby, which in turns makes for an unhappy family. Or else we might have to schedule a date night just to see each other. One night a week is not enough! He would feel more pressure to provide for false needs which is an unnecessary burden for him to carry.

Ask your husband what he wants. Does he really want to be Johnny's cub scout leader or would be rather have the family free for impromptu picnics and family day trips. Do these things take away from what God commands you to do?

When reading Shepherding a Child's Heart he suggest that you only do things as a family. While I don't think you have to do everything together is Billy's soccer season dictating the whole families next two months? Are you eagerly waiting for it to be over? Pull him out right now. Cook a big family dinner and just sit and talk together. Go jump on the tramp together or walk to the lake.

Alrighty then, I think I'm done:0)

So I might of come off a little harsh, sorry. As the hubby says I'm not the warm and fuzzy type, he too is the honest type:-)

So let me clarify. If you want your kids to play sports or whatever, have at it. Just last week I asked Racky if he would like to be in the school play. Parent involvement was a requirement so we had to hash this our first. He decided that he didn't want to, great even though I think he would be good at it. I told Lula she couldn't try out. Call me mean, she didn't want a speaking part- um no. Just make sure you know why you are putting your kids in these activities. If you marriage is on the rocks and money is tight and you have to forsake your family to work for these things really, really examine your life. They will turn out fine probably better with out them.


Anonymous said...

That was a nice rant.
Very well put together, thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

How very true. Although, I gotta say, I love the soccer nights over here. And I LOVE the Saturday morning soccer games. So do the girls. But I do agree on letting it dictate your schedule. Currently it works out although there are those couple of nights where it is tight(oops on my part for signing up for a photog. class for myself on the same night as soccer prac.!). I am very blessed to have a husband who thinks that it is a lot of fun for the girls to play soccer and as long as it works out for us as a family and financially, then they can play. Thank you for the awesome "rant"! :)

Sarah said...

Ha Ha!!! Next time could you tell us how you really feel??

Esther said...

Sorry, Sarah, I'll try to be more direct next time;-)