Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vacations Pictures

Benna walking in the sand was priceless as she looked like a drunkin' sailor. She's not the most graceful already so she gave us quite a few laughs. The obligatory Mac Dune Rides. The kids thought is was great. Daddy and grandma and grandpa were golfing so this was our activity while they are away.

Racky took this picture by zooming into the rear view mirror on the truck, quite imaginative.

After climbing the lighthouse we had a picnic at a park with a channel that leads from Silver Lake to Lake Michigan. It was pretty chilly that day but we still had fun.

On the top of the lighthouse. They wouldn't let me wear Benna in the baby carrier up the lighthouse. Everyone has to be able to walk up it alone so daddy went up with the other four kids. We watched a handful of sunsets. That week was the first time the hubby and I ever watched a sunset together:-) A walk out on the Pentwater Pier. While walking down it grandpa keep telling Lula that he was going to walk off the end of the Pier. She kept saying "no you're not!" Well we all did, pictures on the rocks at the end of the pier.

While we were there puddin' had a birthday. We wanted frosting for his dessert. Well I forgot the cake mix and frosting so we hunted down three different kinds of baked goods. Chocolate brownies, pumpkin cake and white cake.

His face was priceless the next morning when he jokingly asked for cake for breakfast and I said YES. It was so worth feeding him sugar for breakfast just for that face.

That's pretty much all the picture because my sweet four year old deleted all the pictures off of my camera, so these are from Racky's. Thanks for taking some pictures baby!

Most quotable quote of the week:

Lula to Racky as they were leaving to ride their bikes down to the beach- "we have to watch Puddin' like he is a $5000 dog!"


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Sharon said...

So glad you were able to get some pics! Your kids are hilarious! Love their expressions. So cute!