Thursday, April 7, 2011

Purpose to Smile

I was watching 19 kids and counting or maybe is was 16 kids and counting or 17 kids and counting.. what ever you know what I'm talking about. And Michele Dugger said that when her kids where little she would "purpose to smile at them". Even when she was overwhelmed and knee deep in toddlers and she couldn't do anything else she smiled. What a wise woman. That just always stuck with me. A smile reciprocates a smile.

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Sharon said...

I also like watching that show. And you were is 19 kids and counting now. :) I like her idea of making the kids repeat the rules 10 times also. It seems like whenever I tell Piper she has to come and repeat 10 times "I will not hit my sister" or whatever it is at the time that she remembers it for next time.