Monday, March 14, 2011

Food.. again

Again with the food!

I found out where our local supermarket gets their pineapples from and went directly to them to buy them for cheaper. Yippee!! $1.90 each and they are the big ones. That turns into this...
9 pineapples= 14 quarts. $1.32 each with lids.

So with that turning out pretty well I went down the street from them with my SIL to see what else we could scrounge up.
5 lbs. mushrooms -split with SIL
35 lbs. potatoes - split with SIL
40-45b lbs. spaghetti squash
6 pineapples - yes more.
5 lbs. mandarins. - these were fabulous!!
$55, yes that takes a huge chunk out of your grocery cash but if it saves me a buck or two I'm game. We have enough bellies to fill and will go through it all that it's worth it.
If you think of it in terms of pounds of food it's a steal. $55 divided by about 90 pounds equals 61 cents a pound for REAL food.

I'm hoping to go back and get more pineapples so that I can hopefully get about 25 quart jars more. I didn't get them all at one time because I couldn't spend all of my money in one spot you know.


Sharon said...

Those pineapples were so delicious too! I think they were much yummier than last years. I still have five more to do from last year, but I will take 6 more if you are going there again. :)

Regina said...

your pineapples looks very delicious
greetings from germany