Monday, November 29, 2010

Operation: Eat More Veggies

So the long weekend is over. I don't know about you but we ate way to much crap.

We even took the kids to McD's for the first time ever this weekend! It was the end prize of the room cleaning competition, boys vs. girls.

So this evening I grabbed a food pharisee in training, Lula, and hit up the grocery store. This is what 42 bucks will buy you. I feel better already. The rutabaga is the "new" veggie for us. The kale is slowing becoming a staple.

Racky the other day, "I'm beginning to like kale chips!" Hallelujah!!! I did hit up Rite Aid yesterday $1.60. They forced me to buy the candy bars, okay not, but she said I had to spend 62 more cents so that is what I grabbed. I'm down $3 UP rewards but the toothpaste alone would have cost $5.49. I hope to get better at making coupons work for our "needs".
(Don't you just love to see what people spend their money on? I do!)

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Sharon said...

Oooh! I take it the razors work when you buy more than 1???

I also love to see what people spend money on. Unfortunately I'm not as good as you are about putting it on my blog. I shall have to try again I suppose. :)