Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Finally Over!

October is finally over. Hallelujah!!!

I exceeded the budget by way too much! I just can't handle the pressure;-)

The hubby did end up picking up 4 dozen more eggs and a couple of loaves of bread. $17.

I also spent a nice chunk of change on a quarter of a grass feed cow. But we're not going to talk about that because I still don't have the meat and it cost quite a bit.

If anyone was counting here is a rough estimate of a few staples.
12 pounds of butter
14 dozen eggs
13 quarts of yogurt
10 bunches of bananas
13 loaves of bread, including rice bread, Sami's gluten free bread, Ezekiel bread and hot dog buns
1 box of wine (what wine isn't a staple at your house?!?!?)

We have lots of food left too. We only used 2 pounds of the venison, and 2 pieces of salmon. We also have a package of chicken sausages from Costco we haven't even opened. Plus about 18 packages of the chicken sausages from Meijer. Also we have salsa for the the next month or month and a half. And toilet paper we have plenty of that for a while.

The hubby wasn't really into my little experiment. He kept buying chips, and cookies and ice cream. I know if things get to the point that we really do have to watch what we spend that he will realize that those things are optional and are empty calories of no nutritional value. He usually doesn't go to the store that much but I was stuck home with a bunch of kids with the chicken pox so I was at his mercy. He was of a great help this month.

Things I didn't need to buy diapers and toiletries other than toothpaste. I have only spent about 85 dollars of diapers of the baby so far and she is almost 9 months old. Shampoo and soap and other essential are picked up for pennies and horded for future use. Fruit was another thing I didn't buy much of we still have tons of canned pears and peaches.

Because we have the means I stick to buying organic things off the dirty dozen list like potatoes, lettuce and celery. Also meat we try not to buy cheap meat.

We also didn't go out to eat, not once. Now how many families in our day and age can say that?

The numbers:
$23.22 per day
$3.87 per person per day
$1.29 per meal

Well I'm off to Costco to buy more butter!!!!

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