Friday, August 20, 2010

The ELFF Report

So it's been awhile. Five months actually. Weight loss is a a slow and tedious process. If it were quick and easy everyone would be thin right?

So the scale says I'm down, drum roll please...16 pounds!! Yippee!!!! But things still aren't as the once were. I don't think they ever will be either. My hind end has atrophied and the midsection is still intertubeish. Yes I make up my own words to please myself.

So how did I do it?

Well I have a family riddled with food sensitives so without them I would weigh more than a smidgen more. The hubby was on a no sugar and no starch diet for couple months, this diet is a sure cure for weight loss. I still ate sugar and starch but I'm into making life easier on myself and so I ate a lot of what he was having.

I have taught the kids about the dangers of junk food so unless I'm shopping alone, hahaha alone what does that mean, I can't sneak some sugar laden food like substance into my cart without six million questions.

Also I'm nursing and the babe keeps breaking out. So in effort to figure out what is causing her to break out I'm on a wheat free, dairy free, egg free, and coconut free diet.

I also exercised a few times in there. If you know me this is a remarkable feat. I'm far from being on a exercise schedule because every time I exercise I'm so cotton pickin' sore I can't hardly move for days. I have found that crawling out of bed and putting workout clothes on in contrast to my comfy bath robe also helps:)

So after all this I should be down to a size 2 but alas I have lost a measly three inches from my waist.

Really!! Really!! Such is life.

Well happy carrot munchin' to all you other dieters out there.

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