Friday, March 26, 2010

The ELFF Diet!

The sweet baby girl is not hoovering the fat off my midsection as I had hoped she would. I can't blame her, she is trying but I think its my ripe old age of 32. The first three kids hoovered me down to my prepregnancy weight in no time, Lula got me down to 121, then I turned 30. 121 is a number I know I'll never see again. Even I know that that was too skinny. I would however love to be able to wear some of my clothes.

So the ELFF diet to the rescue. ELFF stands for- eat less food fatty!!! Back in the days of my youth I could exercise a few days and drop and few pounds. Or I could control the amount of food that manages to sneak into my mouth and drop a few pounds. These days I think I might have to do both!!!! I have been told after menopause that you don't get to eat anymore, so I guess it's not too bad yet.

It starts today. I measured myself and weighed myself:( I weighed my breakfast contents and calculated the calories. Maybe I'll even exercise but don't hold your breath on that one:)

I know that I can't go crazy because I'm nursing and a waistline isn't worth risking that with my sweet baby. So here's to a pound a week.

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Sharon said...

Seriously?!? Is everyone on a diet except for me? Definitely not fair! Good luck though! Even though I think you look great!