Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheap eats!

Sorry to my one reader about the lack of blogging, life with five is busy! Super fun too!

Well as summer approaches so does wedding season. Wedding season means wedding shower season too. Along with that comes clothes for 5 little monkeys not to look like scrubs at said weddings and all that fun stuff. We have THREE wedding within four weeks of June. So that means the grocery budget needs a little more trimming (tis the story of my life:).

So here is my list of foods made with the basics we have stored up. Most purchased in bulk from our buying club. Wheat, oats, popcorn, oil (from Costco), baking powder, different sugars, honey and maple syrup.

Caramel Corn
Oatmeal (did you know this food can be choked down if sprinkled with granola and lots of vanilla yogurt- I know strange but true!)
Cinnamon Rolls
Mother in laws whole wheat bread
Muffins (our favorite is soaked morning glory muffins- yum-O!)

Not a bad little list, the only thing needed is a little time in the kitchen. So when the money runs out you'll find me in the kitchen! Bon appetit!

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