Saturday, November 8, 2008


Justification: the act of justifying.

I just love the hear people justify something, why they bought x y and z. Or why they do or don't do something. You can justify anything if you want to bad enough. I find most of their reasoning's very entertaining.

The hubby has an erk with me. He thinks that it a crazy and a waste of money for me, the only person in the house to be able to eat dairy product to shun "real" ice cream for this:

(I''d have to admit if this is all he can come up with then we have a pretty good marriage.) Just listen to the name of the brand "purely decadent", you have it right there. This stuff is awesome! I don't even like coconut and I LOVE this stuff. The flavor chocolate is the best and once again I don't even like chocolate ice cream, chocolate on top- yes but not chocolate ice cream.

Okay so onto the justification.

1. This stuff contains no sugar only agave nectar which doesn't spike blood sugars!

2. According to Sally Fallon's book Eat Fat, Lose Fat coconut oil or fat increases your metabolism. (This stuff will make me skinny!)

3. I could eat Wonder Bread or Twinkies too but I don't.

4. $286 dollars a year for ice cream for one is not excessive. (Okay not even I can swallow that one.)

Okay smirk and think I'm crazy but I still am eating my purely decadent chocolate coconut milk ice cream, Ben and Jerry's is just gonna have to get over it.


Sharon said...

Oh, I am great at justifying things. Why do you think my storage room is full of so much "wonderful stuff"? I can't get rid of anything!

Tracy said...

Me to great at justifying! I might have to try that coconut ice cream can you get it at Harvest Health? Because you know Kaleb needs ice cream:)