Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Different!

I thought I'd write about how different my kids life is than most kids in terms of food that is!

The three youngest and Racky from the age of 11 months has never had:

1. A slurpee
2. cow's milk
3. mac and cheese
4. a happy meal
5. an ice cream cone
6. a coke
7. fruit loops, lucky charms or any of the like
8. bubble gum
9. elephant ear
10. pb&j
11. chicken nuggets
12. pudding
13. JELLO out of a box
14. pizza from a restaurant
15. breakfast at a restaurant
16. blow pop
17. Twinkies
18. candy bar of any kid
19. a whole roll of smarties in one sitting
20. chocolate

Okay I'm off the Google electric skillets so I can "cook" in our hotel on vacation! They haven't been to a restaurant in over a year and a half so traveling becomes very interesting.

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