Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun! Cute! Cheap!

I "made" this skirt out of a pair of fifty cent garage sale pants. The jeans had holes in them but I loved the corduroy appliqued flowers on them. Then I stumbled onto this blog and now Lula has herself a new shirt. I might even hit Goodwill tomorrow and try to make myself one. The whole project took me about an hour.

I don't know the technical term but I put stoppers at the seams so the edges can fray.


Tracy said...

Love the skirt it's adorable it looked really cute on her yesterday. At least I think it's the one she wore to church? Neat idea.

Sharon said...

That is so cute. Definitely love the idea of being able to reuse clothes that they have grown out of. You did a great job on her skirt!