Monday, February 18, 2008

Back Closet Makeover!

This is our back coat closet that we (the hubby) turned into a pantry. We store everything from a to z in this closet. There is the "junk" basket (we have no junk drawer), the hot tub chemicals, the kids art basket and all my small kitchen appliances, crock pot, bread machine, popcorn popper and blender. Plus all the rest of pantry type things. It only took about a half hour to deep clean this closet. I even emptied all the baskets and washed them. So much stuff got stuck in here during quick cleans that putting stuff back in its proper home took the longest. I even made an official home or the hubby's lunch pail so it doesn't sit out until the next day;) I love to look at things that are just cleaned- ahh.

(I did this on Monday for Crystal's challenge and the pictures which I emailed to the laptop finally showed up today. Oh well better late than never.)


Sharon said...

Your pantry looks great! So nice to get something like that done. I actually did my pantry this week but there was no way I was going to put a pic couldn't even walk in mine. :) Now all extra food and random stuff that I was storing in there is downstairs waiting to be put away.

Tracy said...

Your pantry looks great! I've organized my front closet and my whole bathroom in the past month. My pantry is next it needs it desperately.

I nominated you for an award so go pick it up at my blog!