Saturday, November 25, 2006


Thanksgiving went well, excepted I felt 6 months pregnant by the time I left after all that food. I have been quite lazy the past three days, we went to the library Tuesday and I tend to read everything I get right away and forget about everything else in life. Well I finished the third book this morning so its back to reality. I have to get myself back on a schedule, I have been in survival mode, the first trimester can be pretty brutal. I have felt alright but extremely tired. Things are starting to get back to normal so I need to switch gears and whip my house back into shape.
We, the hubby, the kids, and I cleaned out the garage so it's ready for winter. I still have to take care of a couple of piles of leaves yet but otherwise the outside is winter ready. Hubby got the snowplow stacks in so I can't think of much else we need to do before the snow flies. Last year at this time we were buried in snow so the reprieve is nice. Well I'm off to the store for a few groceries, hopefully the grocery store is not as busy as the mall today. By the way happy birthday to my brother-in-law Caleb who turned 25 today - his golden birthday.

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