Monday, November 27, 2006

The Daily News

Not much happen here today. We were graced with present of my adorable niece and her beautiful princess clothes, which my Lula cannot stop talking about. Well at least I know what to get her for her birthday. The hubby and the kids spent the evening frolicking in the hot tub after a big fried chicken dinner. Biggie loves the hot tub, you just say the word and he goes tearing to his room for a swimmie.

We kept school short and to the point due to the fact that the cousin was coming over and its the day after vacation, nobody likes to go back to school. Speaking of school I just got a few pics of our last field trip to the fire station.


Sharon said...

those pics are great! you must have figured out how to get them on the laptop? what in the world is s. wearing in the first pic? by the way, thank you so much for watching a. today!! hope she didn't wear you out too much :)

Esther said...

Rachy is wearing the firemen's jacket- uniform thing. And I didn't quite figure the pic thing out, Tracy emailed them to me so I had them on the laptop.