Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I hate this time of year!

Can everybody just put some clothes on and clothes that COVER your nakedness!!!!

My sweet baby girl asked for a two piece bathing suit. So daddy had to have the "boys like to look at pretty girls" speech. How do you explain lust tactfully to a 6 year old. How do you tell her that when boys lusts it is a sin and if you caused it then you to have sinned also. ARRRR!!! How do you explain to her that 99% of the population is different from us in our views on clothing. How do you tell her that girl with her boobs hanging out isn't being pretty in the eyes of the LORD only whorish??

Well it time to bust out the discretion sermons and take notes on the 11 guidelines on making any decision. Whether in be clothes, choosing friends and what not. Then tattoo them into her sweet little head, at least till next year. (Which by the way in the only tattoo she can have! LOL)

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