Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the "i'm bored list"

Poor, poor blog! How has it been a month already?

Well here is our "I'm bored list" just to keep you two readers entertained. In no particular order here is what I send them to do when they can't find anything to do:

The obvious go clean _____.
Fill sink with water and give them cups and funnels and such.
Put an inch of water in the tub and let them play with dolls or whatever else needs a bath.
Lego's, I'm really specific like build me a man 1 foot tall.
Homemade play dough.
Button art (glue buttons to paper)
Tinker toys, again specific, ex. a rolling contraption that is taller than me.
Wood blocks, make a fort for the army men, build a city or a just a wall.
Finger knit- learn on YouTube.

Do you have any good ones to add? With this sub below weather the I'm bored's are getting a bit much.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

You could always break out the paint. :)

Maybe put some in a cup, water it down, and send them out to paint the snow. Maybe could work?