Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Did you turn your heat on yet?

Saturday night I finally broke and turned the heat on, its bliss sweet bliss. I can stop thinking of ways to warm up the house, aka bake something early in the morning. I really don't like to bake but I have baked more in the last two weeks more than the whole year all together. Thank the Lord for modern amenities.

Our last gas bill was up 30% from last year, the month before was up 40%. I have no idea why. I have been washing more stuff in hot water but it wouldn't make that much difference would it?

I've tried to be more diligent about where our money goes and how fast it goes. I think trying to keep pennies from slipping through my fingers is easier and fun challenge compared to trying to earn more money.

In other news the hubby said I could go to Texas with him on a business trip. I even contemplated it over night which is a huge thing for me. But I really don't think I can leave my babies quite yet. I left Racky when he was six months old for two nights and it about killed me. The hubby offered to take me back to see him it was so bad. The only other times I've farmed the kids out was when we would have another baby. When they leave the house and get married we'll go on some trips;0)

Nothing much else new, except Racky started karate, which he loves. Know Lula is begging for gymnastics-- we'll see.


Sharon said...

I still haven't turned my heat on yet. But it is a little chilly in here right now. Not as cold as it was a few nights ago though. It is at 60 right now. I'm hoping for a warm sun to heat it up a little bit. I might have to break and turn it on tonight though. It is supposed to get down to 28. brrr!!!

Sarah said...

I turned ours on about a week ago but it's only set on 64.

Bills sink! Our water/sewer bill is through the roof. Only 5 minute shower for us!

Mark and I have not gone away by ourselves for more than a night since our honeymoon. I kinda like it that way too. Texas sounds like fun and warm.

Hope Racky loves karate as much as Noah does.

Tracy said...

I haven't turned my heat on yet either. My boys are running around in shorts and t-shirts yet so I know their not cold. For me I just throw on a sweatshirt and I'm good to go. Our temp hasn't dipped below 62 degrees yet if it hits 50's I'll break down and turn it on for a bit.