Monday, July 14, 2008

Around the yard...

Our lettuce plants. About the only thing they we have successfully grown. You just cut in down and the stuff just grows back. The it is supposed to even be able to grow until November if you put some clear plastic over it. It has been enjoyed in lots of green smoothies and BLT's.
Last year we bought three fruit trees, two cherry and one apple. Well the apple tree has nothing on it! The first cherry tree had cherries and the second "cherry" tree has these, they're about the size of a half dollar. My guess is it's not a cherry tree;)
No pics of the garden it is just to sad looking;( The first died with the June flooding. The second isn't much better. I salute the organic farmer, and may I never grumble about the price of organic produce again.


Sharon said...

Good grief! Looks like you have been busy organizing and what not. Very nice storage shelves. Isn't that so nice when you get those up and don't have to worry about stacking everything haphazardly and worrying about something breaking?

Gotta love the swimming lessons. Personally, I can not wait till they are done. Only 1 more week for us.

What do you think your mystery fruit tree is? Are you going to dare to try them and see what you think it is? I'm a big chicken about that kind of stuff...not sure why. :)

Tracy said...

Hmm I have no idea what kind of tree you got there. Let me know when you figure it out. I've got Roman signed up for swim lessons in August. We'll see how they go I've yet to find a swim program I like. If I don't like this I'm going to try the high school you go to.

Sarah said...

I wish I had fruit tree in my yard. I want to blueberries bushes too.

Good luck with the mystery fruit.

Sarah said...

BTW, Is your lettuce bitter? Mine didn't taste very good.